Sales Growth. Guaranteed.

"No One Guarantees Sales Results, Especially In The Online World."

We Do. Here's Why:

If you are a Coach, Consultant or Service Provider who ...

  • Frustrated by not making the impact or living the freedom you dreamed of?
  • Offers High Ticket $5k+ transformational programs
  • Realizes your time is too valuable to continue taking your own sales calls

  • Recognizes the importance of elevating access and proximity to your expertise

  • Knows you need a small team to handle lead generation and enrollments

  • Wants to implement a marketing and sales system in order to scale your business

Our clients hire us because they have hit a growth ceiling and are ready to map out a better plan.
They want a plan that will produce reliable, predictable results.


We give them a "Sales MAP" to scale their business and break through that growth ceiling -- without having to work or sell harder.


With Sales MAP, you get that plan to consistently generate high quality leads and enroll those leads into your high ticket programs WITHOUT going the legwork.

Enroll More High Paying Clients.


Without the hassle and expense of recruiting, interviewing and hiring.

Qualified Leads. More Sales. Guaranteed.

Meet Tobin Slaven, your new director of marketing and LinkedIn specialist, and Janet Clark, director of sales, and expert high ticket salesperson and mentor.


Our goal is to show you how to stop chasing leads, and get you off the phones!


The Sales MAP program is designed to implement your  lead generation, lead qualifying, and to sell your programs. We will even train your VA/team, and tap into our professionally trained high ticket sales experts.


The best thing about Sales MAP is, you won’t have to hire, train or manage the team. We do that for you. 


You will save tons of time and money and avoid making bad hiring decisions. We’ll show you how to get your marketing and sales working together with ONE goal in mind.




  • Without worrying about your brand reputation.
  • Without the hassle of hiring and managing the team.
  • Without paying for an ad agency or ads.
  • Without YOU having to take generate the leads or take the sales calls?

All high-level coaches have a sales and marketing team. Want to know how you can too?


Join Sales MAP, the Sales Momentum Accelerator Program.


Here’s a video which explains how it works.

Introducing The

Sales Momentum Accelerator Program



Get Your Questions Answered With:



Directed Team.

Qualified Leads.

Closed Sales.

When you join our Sales Momentum Accelerator Program, we will build and automate your lead generation, with sales systems to enroll your ideal clients.


We are so confident in lead generation and sales system that ...


Grow Your Sales.

Simplify Your Business.

Imagine how much more FREEDOM (financially, time and lifestyle) you would have if you had ...


  • Directors managing your teams without the added expense of your time in hiring and training;

  • Integrated sales and marketing systems built and implemented for you;

  • Unlimited access to 1:1 marketing, sales and mindset coaching sessions whenever you need them;

  • Monthly mastermind and intensive workshops to analyze results and plan for continuous growth; and

  • Access to professionally trained salespeople who will do your prospecting and selling for you.

Every Business

Needs a Sales Engine.

An engine that is reliable, predictable and doesn't rely on your time to make it run.


Think this might be exactly what you need?

Book a 10-minute call now to find out if your a good fit for Sales MAP.

Here are 3 good reasons to book that call and talk to us today.



Hiring a full-time Marketing Director and Sales Director can cost as much as $300,000 (based on average US salaries, as of Dec. 1, 2018). You may not be financially ready to do that, even though it makes sense.



If you're outsourcing your marketing or sales support to an agency now, you know the annual cost is $60,000+, with NO GUARANTEE of results.



If you're stuck at a growth ceiling, are tired of being buried in your business, and need to get your sales and marketing working together for more sales, SALES MAP could be the perfect cost-effective, no-risk solution for you.

Let's Talk!

About how to get more sales in your business.

See what some of our clients have to say ...

Janet is fearless. To enroll a hundred k client the numbers don't really impact her mindset, she doesn't get scared with those numbers.

Alex Mandossian

CEO, Marketing Online

Not only is Janet an incredibly talented salesperson, she sells with the highest integrity -- she's someone you can trust to represent your brand and improve sales results.

Ryan Levesque

CEO, The Ask Method

What makes Janet so different is not only her experience, but also her approach, a very heartfelt approach to the sales process.

Bofta Yimam

Public Speaking Expert

Thanks to Tobin, I am already getting 25 to 50 new connections and up to 5 real conversations with people each day and have 3 people I've talked to in the past week that can become clients!

Glenn Meder


Tobin and his team eased me into an amazing new strategy that opened the door for a whole new area and channel of business for me.

Jake Ulkus


Working with Tobin has been a high ROI for me. He has an amazing amount of great resources. He is sincere, genuine and the information he offers is solid, practical and simple to implement.

Marjory Wildcraft

CEO, The Grow Network

We Guarantee a 200% Return

on Your Investment with Sales MAP.

Tobin and Janet are more than 100% confident that we can personally sell your program. Janet has sold millions of dollars of high ticket coaching and consulting, not to mention $100k offers to solo business owners. Tobin is a master at LinkedIn lead generation and creating more conversations, with the right people.


Our guarantee is that if our salespeople don’t bring you highly qualified candidates and sales to scale your program, Tobin and Janet will address those gaps, even if we have to get you those clients ourselves. You will get at least 110% ROI on your $36K investment.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Listen To What

Our Clients Are Saying

We guarantee a 110% return on your investment when you join Sales MAP.

Let's Talk!

Our SALES MOMENTUM ACCELERATOR PROGRAM helps get your marketing and sales working together for more sales month after month. Guaranteed!

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